Company Turns Augmented Reality Into A Real Life Video Game [Video]

augmented reality

A mysterious augmented reality company that had secured billions in research dollars from Google is making the virtual world a reality. Magic Leap had announced it is working on a augmented reality headset. The company tweeted that it seems to have created the first fully-working demo of the technology.

The video shows Microsoft HoloLens prototype in action as it “overlays a virtual instead over the real world.”

The video shows how the user can check email, watch videos and even then their office into the setting for a video game. The employees of Magic Leap show off as their turn the office into a battlefield complete with weapons and aliens. The most mind blowing aspect of the technology is that all of this computing power is crammed into the portable headset.

While the prototype has only been in development for a year, Magic Leap promises this epic technology will one day be available for us normal folk.

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