Ariana Grande + Jimmy Fallon = Celine Dion Impression [Video]


“Thank you for having me; I’m so nervous,” Ariana Grande flusters as she settles into the couch on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It’s her turn in the hot seat as Fallon pulls out two mikes and smoothly challenges her to do a Celine Dion impression of the theme from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”.

Grande says it’s her first time to speak on live television. “I’ve never talked on a talk show. It’s really, I feel vulnerable, It’s so weird,” she laughs, to which Fallon encourages the audience to cheer for her on doing so well.

At Fallon’s request, Grande is quite game for it, “I don’t know the words”, she admits, but she pulls of her best Dion impersonation with aplomb, trills, nasal tones and chest-thumping down to a T. Watch it here:

But that’s not all these two had in store for their audience that night. In the “Ew!” segment of the show, Fallon played his stock character Sara (“If you’re wondering, that’s S-A-R-A with no H, because H’s are Ew!”) Sarah’s a blonde braces-bound middle schooler with the thickest lispy valley girl accent (like, ever.) Grande played Sarah’s bestie Alexa Armstrong, and came to the basement decked out in her all her sparkly, rainbow-rama-riffic Lisa Frank Glory. (plus points for the tiny furry unicorn handbag.) They talk about how the bummer-ness of having “not a lot of likes on Insta[gram]” How Hummus is so “ew!” and shamrock shakes are not, and how they can’t stand their uncool dads. They have a sing-off, have an “ew!” speed round, and take a BeFFelfie (a Best Friends Forever Selfie). Watch them go full “ew!” here:

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