Twitter: $1 Million In Free Credits On Small Business Saturday

Twitter is giving new advertisers a taste of its advertising solutions by giving away $1 million in free credits on Small Business Saturday. Taking place on November 24th, the first 10,000 new advertisers will get $100 in free credits that can go towards Promoted Tweets or Promoted Accounts.

To qualify, an advertiser must already be active on Twitter and be based in the United States. If you qualify, you must register here before the big day. You’ll be notified in the coming days if you were part of the first 10,000.

This is a great incentive for brands to get a taste of Promoted Tweets or Accounts, without any financial risk or investment.

Back in February, Twitter partnered up with American Express and offered thousands of small businesses owners a similar offer. Success stories feature such businesses as Hampton Coffee Company in New York and Whipped Bakeshop in Philadelphia.

Hampton Coffee took advantage of Promoted Accounts and grew its followers by 50 percent in just a few weeks. Whipped Bakeshop had similar success with growing its amount of followers.

Brennen Lukas, Co-Owner of Whipped, commented on the fact new followers are always local which is crucial for their business. “We’ve been very happy with our Twitter advertising campaign,” said Brennen. “Advertising on Twitter introduced us to hundreds of new potential customers in a relatively short period of time. It’s really exciting to be connected to so many more people every week.”

To read about more success stories, you can visit Twitter for Small Business.

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