Classic Jay-Z, DMX Freestyle Battle Video Surfaces, You’ll Never Guess What Happens [Video]


It’s a classic video, getting some new life. A video featuring rappers, Jay-Z and DMX are making its rounds once again on the Internet. The video has recently gone viral with more than 250,000 shares. Jay-Z and DMX are known for their entertaining lyrics and rapping abilities. So, when the two got into a freestyle battle back in the day, it had to be recorded.

Both men spit some pretty sick rhymes, but then the unexpected happens. A security guard steps in and joins in the battle.

The Internet has been split on who won the battle. Some argue Jay-Z, others says DMX. But, we all know the real winner of the video, the security guard.

With Jay-Z and DMX’s music career success, we have to wonder what the security guard is up to now.

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