#Wearyellowforseth: Why You Need A Yellow Tee For Next Friday [Video]

wear yellow for seth

Yesterday, you might have been donning all green for your festivities. How about dressing up in a certain color for a even better cause? On March 27th, a movement trending as #wearyellowforseth will have people dressing up in yellow to support a little boy fighting for his life.

Seth Lane may only be five years old, but he has lives a struggle that many adults could not endure. Seth, who lives in Corby, Northamptonshire, is a real-life bubble boy. Diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency, Seth’s body is completely defenseless to germs and he does not have an immune system. The condition is popularly known as “bubble boy disease.” To survive, Seth has lived his entire life in a sterile environment. His mother, Leanne says this lifestyle has been extremely taxing on Seth and the entire family.

In an interview with itv, Leanne said after his first bone marrow transplant, he did not have contact with another child until now. She let him return to school, but because of the germs Seth’s cells began to attack his body.

“We would go out in the pram and I would have to put the rain cover over him with a little fan inside — people probably thought I was mad.”

The first bone marrow transplant was found to be unsuccessful and a second one is planned. His family has asked for help in a very creative and unusual way.

You can follow Seth’s progress on ourlittlehero.wordpress.com.

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