Mom Tells Boy “No Means No”, Goes Viral [Video]

What if you were a parent, and you notice a very persistent would-be suitor doggedly pursuing your daughter in school — what would you do?

For Dr. Lindsey Doe, a 33-year-old clinical sexologist, the answer cam quite naturally — take it to the Internet.

Dr. Doe is Youtuber DoeEyes, and her brief video message entitled “Dear Boy Who Likes My Daughter” has gone viral since its upload. DoeEyes has an open one-on-one with said suitor, and she certainly knows what she’s talking about.

Watch the video below:

“I get that you like my daughter. She’s smart, cool, beautiful, very thoughtful, an all-around great girl. What I don’t like is how you treat her.”

She continues with examples of how persistent the guy has been — he’s asked her out in school, on the bus home, even wrote her poems. While this may seem cute to a number of people, the fact that her daughter has already turned him down a number of times — in no uncertain terms, “No”, “No thanks”, “Please go away” — is already something worth paying attention to.

We commend Dr. Doe for being all chill and explaining that if her daughter had given other responses — “Maybe later”, “I’ll think about it” — it would have been okay for the guy to go and ask her again with some respectable bit of distance and time. However, DoeEyes drives the point home that when someone says “No” and you ask that person again — “It’s harrassment”.

DoeEyes, however, doesn’t let the hand blow land harshly, and follows it up with constructive ways of handling rejection.

Nope, Boy Who Likes Her Daughter, you didn’t get friendzoned (which is not a thing, by the way), or dissed online. You just got schooled in one of the kindest ways possible, and you’d do well to listen. No means No. Promise, you’ll turn out alright.

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