Man Downs More Than A Gallon Of Shamrock Shake To Celebrate St. Patricks Day [Watch]

shamrock shake

With all of the celebrating on St. Patrick’s Day, it is safe to say many bad decisions are made. Usually alcohol-fueled, one man’s mistake was to blame on the official treat of St. Patty’s day, McDonald’s green mint-flavored Shamrock Shake.

Competitive eater, Matt Stonie decided the best way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t with several green beers, but with several Shamrock Shakes. Stonie took a trip through the McDonald’s drive-thru for 7 of the iconic green concotions.

Clocking in at 5,740 calories, Stonie’s attempt at downing the Shamrock Shakes looks like it hurts. He was successful, but later he was definitely feeling some regret for his decision. He took to Twitter to share the video and his feelings.

The video has gone viral, but we don’t think anyone will attempt to recreate his feat. Wait, this is the internet, of course they will!

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