Howie Mandel’s House Gets Trashed With Toilet Paper By Roman Atwood [Video]

Notorious prankster, Roman Atwood, can add Howie Mandel to his list of people he has pranked with this insane toilet paper practical joke.

Roman Atwood is known best for his hidden camera pranks and then of course shaming those people by uploading the video to the internet. More specifically, his popular YouTube account. Most of the time, the person getting pranked is his girlfriend, with the help of Atwood’s sons.

Fun fact: Atwood got internet famous when he tried to prank his girlfriend on their 5 year anniversary by saying he cheated on her and then she flipped it on him, knowing the whole time, and said she cheated on him. His backfired prank and seeing him freak out is perfect. Watch here.

Instead of his girlfriend this time, Atwood successfully chucked a ton of toilet paper on the front of Howie Mandel’s house. Howie, unknowingly, comes back from the airport to discover the mess and has a little freak out session.

He was a good sport. Watch below.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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