Amazon Posts Help Brands Easily Market On Facebook

Amazon announced new pages for brands that allow a custom URL and further customization. One notable feature is Amazon Posts which will help brands to better market through their Facebook page.

Brands can now update their own Amazon page, or post directly to Facebook. Updates have the ability to be scheduled. There’s no Twitter integration for the time being. The new pages have social widgets so even though brands can’t post to Twitter, customers can see their tweets and connect with them.

Pages aren’t available to just large companies, but any business or individual who sells through Amazon. They are free to create and use, which you can learn more about here.

Aside from the social media aspect, brands now have the ability to include more photos, larger featured photos at the top of a page, and widgets where you can select specific products to be seen.

New analytics offer a way to see how well pages and posts are performing. They give a glance at views, reach, and purchase lift. You have the ability to export the data and see results from a daily to monthly basis.

To learn more about the changes, a detailed PDF summarizing the new features can be downloaded here.

Mike Stenger

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