BREAKING NEWS: Two Ferguson Officers Shot Outside Station

[Photo: Sid Hastings, European Pressphoto Agency]

The trouble continues for Ferguson, Missouri. Amid the protesting and violence, two police officers were shot outside of the police department. The story was first made public through social media outlets, such as Twitter.

Details are still be investigated, but according to sources, two officers were shot late Wednesday night while patrolling the still continuing protests. The wounded men were rushed to Barnes hospital.

USA Today reports, At around 2 a.m. CT, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar held a news conference outside the hospital. Belmar said one officer was shot in the shoulder and one was shot in the face. Both officers are conscious, but in serious condition.

Belmar also said that the officer shot in the face was 32-year-old seven-year veteran from nearby Webster Groves while the officer shot in the shoulder was a 41-year-old with 14 years on the force from St. Louis County.

Authorities cannot provide a description of a suspect or weapon. Belmar did say it was obvious the shooter was aiming for the officers.

[Photo: Laurie Skrivan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, via AP]

The city of Ferguson has been in the media spotlight since the August shooting death of unarmed teenager, Mike Brown. Brown was shot by Ferguson officer, Darren Wilson, who says he was being physically attacked by Brown and feared for his life. Forensic evidence and eyewitnesses matched Wilson’s story that Brown attacked him in his patrol car. Wilson was ultimately acquitted of any charges and was found to be acting out of fear and self-defense, not racism. Attorney General, Eric Holder exonerated Wilson of all criminal charges. Despite being found innocent, Wilson gave a negative account of the police department, which resulted in many resignations.

[Photo: Laurie Skrivan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, via AP]

According to USA Today, “Police Chief Thomas Jackson is expected to step down on March 19. Judge Ronald Brockmeyer and City Manager John Shaw have preceded Jackson with resignations earlier this week.”

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