Leighton Meester Sizzles with Robin Thicke in “Somebody To Love”


Leighton2Gossip Girl Leighton Meester is breaking out into the pop music scene once more in bubbly bling and plush couture in her newest video for her single “Somebody To Love”. The video also features Robin Thicke, crooning a number of response stanzas to her world-weary yet hopeful persona in the song.

The video itself views almost like a glossy fashion spread that wouldn’t look out of place in Vogue or Elle. From the intimate interiors of what seems to be a stretch limo, to a low-lit private booth against a glass-faceted wall, to a sunlit hotel room and a plush bed with a thread count we could only dare dream of, Meester luxuriates and coos about her jaded views of tired love, and muses about the One Out There:

Is there somebody who still believes in love?
I know you’re out there
There’s got to be somebody, I search around the world
But I can’t seem to find somebody to love

The video itself is a lot of eye candy on its own. However, viewers may still feel on tenterhooks with it due to the presence of Robin Thicke — some may even feel a mite uncomfortable with him putting his arms and lying abed with the young, nubile actress. The Internet hasn’t quite forgotten about the uproar he raised with his hit single “Blurred Lines”, and how it sparked countless debates online about a lack of consent and rape culture lurking in its lyrics. Thicke next raised a few eyebrows with him getting too touchy-feely with other women without his wife’s consent. His twitter campaign “#AskThicke” then backfired on him as netizens confronted him with questions about his own lyrics.
Watch the video below:

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