Did You Cry? 365 Day Marriage Proposal Divides Social Media [Video]

Dean Smith

A marriage proposal should be well planned and romantic, which is exactly the case for the latest viral wedding proposal video. Dean Smith wanted his proposal to his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer to be extra special and creative. It is safe to say he exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Over the course of a year, exactly 365 days, Smith recorded himself proposing to Jennifer in various locations. The only catch is she had no idea. Smith stands with a white board boasting the date and phrases such as “Will you marry me?” and “I love you, Jennifer!” As Bruno Mars, “Marry You” plays in the background, the 15 minute video shows Smith confessing his love as he goes about his everyday life.

Once the video was complete, Smith gave it to Jennifer on her birthday during a beach vacation. A crowd gathered as Jennifer watches the video on the beach. All the while, Smith is standing behind her ready to propose in person.

The video begins with an explanation from Smith:

“Happy birthday Jennifer. By now you’ve probably realised that your birthday surprise is in the form of this video. But what you don’t know is that I’ve been planning this birthday surprise for over a year now.”

Now the video has gone viral and people are divided on how they feel about it. Many think the video is adorable and a real tear-jerker, while others think the video is boring and way too long. Check out some of these hilarious comments.

Some loved it.

And of course there were the haters.

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