Pope Gives Shortbread Milkshake Two Thumbs Up

pope preparation
[Photo credit: NBC Philadelphia]

As Philadelphia prepares for a visit from Pope Francis in the Fall, they immediately started with some important business: milkshakes. On Monday, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia visited a Potbelly sandwich shop to taste several milkshake flavors in preparation for the Pope’s visit. Paglia was also joined by several Catholic school children from Saint Peter The Apostle School to help him make the important decision.

The winning flavor will be sold at local Potbelly restaurants as #Popeinphilly milkshakes. Part of proceeds from the #Popeinphilly milkshakes will benefit a world gathering of Catholic families in Philadephia and a visit from the Pope, 50 cents to be exact.


In case you were wondering, the winning flavor out of three Philly-inspired concotions was shortbread, a flavor made with the combination of vanilla ice cream and shortbread cookies.

The Pope’s fall visit will also take him to New York and Washington D.C. This will be his first trip to the United States since taking the head of the Vatican office.

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