Bogart The Explorer Interviews Hugh Jackman [Video]


“”H’llo, g’day, Mr. Jackman!” Bogart the Explorer enthuses from behind a camera, and beams at the image of international star M. Hugh Jackman. This very special interview is to promote Jackman’s latest sci-fi action movie, “Chappie”.

From the get-go, Jackman is tickled by Bogart’s aussie accent. “You could’ve played my character, mate!” “Aye”, the Filipino comedian replies, “if I was a quarter as handsome, probably.”

Jackman and Bogart have fun with the interview, discussing a number of topics ranging from what makes a good villain, what made Jackman’s role as Vincent such an interesting and engaging role to play, to even the infamous mullet he sported in the movie.

Jackman has recently played his fair share of villain roles, and has this to share on what makes a good villain: “There has to be a little humor; the artist has to have a bit of a good time. I’m just worried because I think I was having too much of a good time”.

The duo ended the interview with a Chaffie — “A selfie with a ‘Chappie’ star, Bogart explains — along with the rest of the production crew of Paperbug TV.

Watch the interview below:

Hugh Jackman is well-known and well-loved star, but who is this Bogart the Explorer?

Bogart the Explorer styles himself to be the comedic spiritual descendant of Steve Irwin, the legendary “Crocodile Hunter”. Sporting a safari outfit and a rough-and-tumble Ozie accent, he prowls through the streets of his hometown down-under — Davao City — and Manila, searching for specimens of typical Filipinos as they go about their daily tasks. His Youtube channel is growing quite the local following, and his Facebook page has generated 230,000 likes and counting.

Hugh Jackman is not the only Hollywood star to fall to his charms. Bogart the Explorer also interviews the likes of Sigourney Weaver, Dev Patel, and director Neill Blomkamp himself.


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