Facebook iOS Users Get Automatic Image Upload Feature

Facebook originally launched Photo Sync on Android and now that option has made its way over to Apple’s iOS. Currently in testing for select users the program hopes to take on Google+ and its Instant Upload feature. Here’s how Photo Sync works:

After loading up the Facebook app users click on “Photos” in the app sidebar. users then scroll to the bottom of the app where they will find the option to enable Photo Sync. Once enabled, Facebook will automatically upload any new photos you take to an unpublished, private album.

To share photos that have been automatically uploaded, simply visit the album and choose which photos to share. One area of concern with photos automatically being uploaded is the affect it will have on battery life. Facebook has attempted to address battery drain and mobile data usage issues by allowing users to customize the settings for upload photos. Users can choose to upload photos using mobile data and WiFi or WiFi only. Photo Sync can also be turned off at any time.

Because photos remain private and must be activated for public use via the customers Facebook profile there is no chance that a users private photos will show up on their Facebook page when they accidentally forget about the sync feature.

With 300 million photos uploaded to the social network daily this new photo sync feature could prove to be a viable solution for Facebook.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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