Uber Is Mocked In ‘Funny Or Die’ Video, Laughable But Awkwardly True [Watch]

Funny or Die Uber

Funny Or Die has a great way of creating laughs about events, people, or places we see in the news. Sometimes it is the cute and fluffy or the controversial and scandalous.

Uber, the company where you can “get a taxi, private car or rideshare from your mobile phone,” has had a TERRIBLE year for public relations. Hard to find positive news about Uber at this moment seeing most of the news involves: drivers raping passengers, prices skyrocketing, drivers now wanting tips, and the controversial rise to the multi-billion dollar club. Let’s not forget about the journalist threats and highly questionable background checks for the drivers.

So Funny Or Die decided to milk that and create one brilliant fake PR video for Uber. Would be 100% funny if it all wasn’t true, so I guess that makes it 89% funny? Or 3% funny? You decide!

This sketch is called “An Apology From Uber” with wonderful lines like “stab a Lyft driver program” and “hiring only rapists.”

[Photo Credit: Funny or Die]


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