An Elderly Mr. Holmes Faces His Final Mystery [Video]

mr holmes

It’s the trailer that seem to get lost in the Avengers hype. Released yesterday, the official trailer for Mr. Holmes has quietly slipped under our movie going senses. Starring Sir Ian McKellen as an elderly Sherlock Holmes, the film will take us through his ‘twilight’ adventures, as he solves one last mystery, his own story. Still as sassy and quick-tongued as ever, Mr. Holmes is quick on his feet, as seen in the beekeeping scene. While there may not be any jumping out of exploding airplanes, it is sure to be a thrilling movie.

Social media seems to have positive reviews about the film. Although, of course there is the occasional fangirl complaining, “Where’s Benedict Cumberbatch!!??” So, Sir McKellen may not be as fun to look at, but he is sure to entertain.

Mr. Holmes does not have a set release date as of yet.

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