Facebook Page Post Impressions Down 38%, But Engagement Is Up [Study]

According to a new study, users seeing organic posts from brands they “like” on Facebook has gone down 38 percent since the five weeks follow September 20, 2012. The study was conducted by Group M, a media investment management company. The study specifically looked at post engagement across 25 different brands.

Decreases in the amount of users seeing posts from pages organically was down 15.56 percent from 9.62 percent prior to September 20th. Analysts believe the number findings are to be blamed on the EdgeRank algorithm.

Since the algorithm change, likes and shares for Facebook pages are up from 0.76 percent to 1.49 percent. That increase doesn’t reflect a giant leap, but it does show that people are still interacting more with content.

Typically EdgeRank has been found to favor images or text with images, since changes were made links have been seen by 68.19 percent fewer fans. On the plus side, text updates have witnessed a 19.48 percent increase in viewership.

This study reveals some very interesting data. It appears that images and text remain extremely important for web development while link ranking still falls behind despite the authority links can bring from other web properties.

Facebook has not openly discussed the EdgeRank performance of its web property. Fortunately, there are studies like this one which help us to determine what works and what doesn’t. Until there’s another update, brands are best sticking to the strategy of sharing an image with a post, although as we have learned in the past that strategy could quickly change.

Mike Stenger

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