Great White Shark Caught In Florida Off The Shore Of Panama City Beach

What better way to start your spring break at the beach? Thankfully the Dark Side Sharkers were in the right place at the right time and made everyone else’s spring break safer by their Great White Shark capture. That’s right, one of the most popular beaches just had a Great White Shark coming to spring break.


Who to thank specifically? Gabriel Smeby, Derrick Keeny, and Kyle Register who are part of the Dark Side Sharkers that go shark fishing as crew.

The catch happened Sunday morning about 300 years from shore. They wrestled with the 10-foot Great White Shark for 45 minutes using the specialized fishing poles.

Definitely a catch of a lifetime.

shark tag

When the crew got back to shore, pictures were taken, the shark was tagged, and released back into the waters. YES the shark was put back in, which means all those PCB Spring Break future attendees should be a little more aware this year.

shark released

See a few more photos from the Dark Side Sharkers’ Facebook page below.

shark 2

shark 3


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