Fastfood Patrons Defend Employee Against Racist Customer [Video]


ADELAIDE, Australia — When a customer angrily demanded his order be completed by a “white person” and continued to malign an employee for his ethnicity, the other patrons gave him his just desserts.

In the footage below recorded  at the Hungry Jack’s Rundle St. store at 5.10pm on Friday, a man in a black shirt and pants yelled at the Asian employee taking his order. A customer asked him, “What’s wrong with a Chinese guy making a burger?” To which he replied, “Everything!”

His further responses went downhill from there. Watch the footage below:

Another female employee asks the man to leave the store, to which he slung back more abusive racist and misogynist language.

More customers began to rally to the Asian employee’s defense, and the man in black hurled more insults and expletives into the gathering crowd. He begins to walk away from the scene, earning him an angry punch on the back of his head. He leaves with a threat as a parting shot: “Wait till I come back with the Rebels [Motorcycle Club], you f—ing idiot”. The crowd mocks him by imitating motorcycle revving sounds.

Later that day, a report stated that a man who fit the same description was arrested in another area and charged with disorderly conduct and bailed to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on March 26.

Dr. Tim Soutphommasane, Commissioner for Federal Race Discrimination, lauds the the patrons of Hungry Jack’s who called out the man on his bigoted comments. “People are entitled to do their job without being harassed because of their racial or ethnic background,” he says.

“It was made very clear to the man that his bigoted attitude was not accepted by other people in that store.”

To the Adelaide customers of Hungry Jack’s, we salute you! May your tribe increase!
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