Every Baby Needs A Li’l Lager

Lil Lager
[Photo credit: Fred & Friends]

Parents, are you tired of drinking by yourself? Well, now you can share your questionable parenting with your baby with the Chill, Baby Li’l Lager baby bottle. The unique bottle looks like a miniature beer bottle, allowing your little one to kick back with their favorite formula, milk or juice. If you ever wanted people to wonder if you’re fit to be a parent, then this is the product for you.

The baby bottle is BPA-free and holds up to 10 ounces. It is also made with a phthalate-free plastic and has a food-grade silicone nipple. It also comes apart easily for quick and convenient cleaning.

lil lager baby
[Photo credit: Fred & Friends]
This one of a kind baby product is offered by Fred & Friends. The bottle has not been officially released yet, although you can pre-order one on their website for $12. Also, the website offers free shipping on orders over $49, so check out Fred & Friends’ other unique products.

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