Taco Bell’s New Sriracha Quesarito Gets Rave Reviews [Video]

Taco Bell

Fast food giant, Taco Bell is known for testing the limits of Mexican food. Their latest creation is no exception. Hopping onto the Sriracha bandwagon, Taco Bell introduced the Sriracha Quesarito. The Quesarito is one the restaurants newest creations, a burrito surrounded by a quesadilla. Offered in steak, chicken or beef varieties, the flavor is amped up by a serving of the popular chili sauce. The spicy concoction is getting rave reviews from social media foodies, including YouTube food critic, Daym Drops. Check out his rather entertaining review of Taco Bell’s Sriracha Quesarito.

At about $2.49, hungry customers can get their Sriracha fix in the form of a gooey, cheesy burrito.

Taco Bell joins other fast food chains, such as Jack In The Box, in serving up the spicy sauce that has become not only a popular condiment, but the latest foodie trend.

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