Lea Michele Took Home A Memorable ‘Glee’ Souvenir, Cast Says Goodbye After Recording The Final Episode Of Season 6

It was a very emotional day for all those people involved in Glee as they recorded the final episode of the final season two days ago, February 22.

Our social media platforms have been clouded with fun memories from the show over the past six years. Most, if not all, of the members from Glee over the years have been saying plenty of emotional things over the past few days, but Lea Michele hit home for everyone as she posted the tweet below.


The photo shows Lea Michele walking off the lot with Cory Monteith’s football jersey which he wore most of the show while playing the front man and Lea’s boyfriend on and off set as Finn Hudson. Before the football jersey tweet, Lea had posted a long message thanking pretty much everyone she came into contact with as Rachel Berry.

rachel berry

Take a look below at some of the other memories the Glee cast has been posting.








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