Emma Watson Speaks Out On Prince Harry Dating Rumors

Emma watson reaction

For the past few days, there was speculation that Prince Harry and Emma Watson were having secret dates.

Emma Watson and Prince Harry
Emma Watson and Prince Harry

Some unconfirmed “source” said when Emma split from rugby player Matthew Janney, Prince Harry sent en email, or note through a friend, or pigeon, to Emma inviting her to a party. The “source” continued saying form then on they were both smitten over each other. So, naturally, people freaked out.

These tweets just explain the surface level crazy that people reached with the speculation:



Spoiler alert and dream crushing alert… it is NOT true. Emma took to Twitter today to send some peace to the people who were freaking out, but I’m pretty sure it just made everyone go more crazy. Hysteria ensued.

Well, Emma Watson shut that rumor down. Hard. Sorry, Harry? THEN hits us with some serious nostalgia in the following tweet:

The link included in the tweet was a clip from The Little Princess (1995).



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