YouTube Mother Esther Anderson Shows Why Moms Get Nothing Done [Video]

Mom, blogger, and YouTube enthusiast Esther Anderson is back with another video featuring her adorable little girl named Ellia called “Why Moms Get Nothing Done.”

esther anderson cleaning toys

Esther Anderson has created many videos highlighting the honest, cute, and not so fun parts of parenting on her channel, where a majority of them immediately went viral. Esther records how co-sleeping is no sleeping and what it is like to have a baby during Christmas time.

For this video, the 29-year-old mom shows how sometimes mothers cannot get a single thing accomplished when they have a little one next to them. The YouTube video is captioned with “Moms work their buns off all day and yet somehow nothing is done at the end of the day…this is why.”

The Tampa mom continued with a Buzzfeed interview, “I can’t tell you how many times I sit down at the end of the day and look around my house thinking ‘Why does it look the same as it did this morning after I just spent all day cleaning.”

We apologize, Esther, for enjoying the frustrating parts of your motherhood!

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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