Afroman Apologizes For Punching Female Fan In YouTube Video, “I Was Wrong” [Watch]

Afroman mug shot

He was gonna keep playing his song, but he made a terrible decision.

Tuesday night, the rapper Afroman punched a female fan on stage during concert and the video has gone viral. This was not some average punch either. Watch a clip below and the full video here.

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He was released later that night from a Mississippi jail on a $330 bond. Then updated a Facebook status saying, “I apologize for my actions. I will be making a full formal apology and excepting full responsibility for my actions. I will address everything today on TMZ at 2 o’clock eastern time.”

He didn’t seem to apologetic with this tweet…

But later that Wednesday, Afroman apologized in a YouTube video, courtesy of TMZ, explaining his anxiety and plan to seek out anger management.

On his Facebook today was this latest message:

“I feel terrible about what happened.. I love and respect my fans. I am currently seeking the correct treatment for my anxiety. Last night I went on with the show and it was sold out.. the venue supported with excellent security and everyone had a great time.
Next stop Milledgeville GA.
Capital City.”

[Photo credit: TMZ]


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