89-Year-Old Grandfather Goes On Tinder Dates, Reactions Are Painful And Hilarious [Watch]

Grandpa tinder date

Ah, the age of online dating. The main struggle? Wondering if the picture is accurate and up-to-date. Tinder’s new slogan should be “All ages and relationship statuses welcome. Even married 89-year-old grandpas.”

YouTube channel Slow Clap posted a painfully awkward, yet funny video of 89-year-old Joe going on Tinder dates with multiple women. Joe’s grandson, Ethan, does some serious convincing to get his grandpa to play along. Ethan’s convincing worked and a profile was set up. This profile featured 21-year-old Joe lounging in a beach chair with no shirt on.

The video said “We set up a profile of Joe as a 21-year-old filmmaker. We matched with 37 girls. The girls were told they would be filmed as a part of a documentary “filmmaker Joe” was working on. Five agreed.”

Watch Grandpa Joe show off his singing and rapping skills, while decked out in a shirt and tie, on these awesome Tinder dates.

Doesn’t seem like any second Tinder dates will be happening.

[Photo credit: Slow Clap]


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