Afroman Punches Female Fan On Stage, Gets Arrested For Assault [Video]

Afroman mug shot

UPDATE: Afroman publicly apologizes on Facebook on Wednesday.

“I apologize for my actions. I will be making a full formal apology and excepting full responsibility for my actions. I will address everything today on TMZ at 2 o’clock eastern time.”

Because he got high?

Afroman was escorted off stage Tuesday night in Biloxi, Mississippi after unloading one serious punch to a female fan’s face, launching her body backwards. She suffered not only a devastating blow from Afroman, real name Joseph Edgar Foreman, but then again when her body ricocheted off a section of the stage. Afroman kept playing like nothing happened, offering a shrug post-punch, and the girl was thankfully alright to get up on her own and get off the stage.

Somehow the woman was able to get on the stage, then started to dance behind him and inching closer and closer. Then BOOM.

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The cops stopped the show, escorted him off the stage, and booked him for assault. According to TMZ, “Afroman’s rep says the rapper had no idea if the fan was a man or a woman — he just reacted to someone being on stage. The rep claims there was a lack of security at the venue to keep fans off the stage.”

The rep continued, “This was a completely involuntary reflex reaction to people infringing on his stage space. It was uncharacteristic behavior that was initiated by outside uncontrolled forces.”

Afroman was released from jail late Tuesday after paying the $330 bond.

Watch the video from a different angle below.

[Photo credit: TMZ]


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