Justin Bieber Gets Pelted With Eggs For Comedy Central Roast Promo [Watch]

Bieber eggs

Well, well, well. How the tables have turned on Justin Bieber.

The first promo for his upcoming Comedy Central Roast airing on March 30 has been posted and it is pure perfection. If you like Bieber it is one excuse to see him with his shirt off. If you despise Bieber, he is getting eggs chucked at him. So either way, audiences should be happy with this 30 second promo.

Justin Bieber starts to flex and check himself out before understanding how his neighbor’s house felt with a ton of eggs hitting his shirtless body. This promo is clearly making fun of Bieber for the 2014 incident when Bieber and friends caused a ton of damage to a neighbors house by throwing eggs all over the place, causing $80,000 dollars worth of damage and restitution.

At the end of the promo, the words “Come and get it” flash across the screen after Bieber throws his own egg back. Could that be some not so subtle shade throwing to ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez?

come and get it

Don’t forget that funny man, Kevin Hart, will be the Roast Master for this highly anticipated event.

Bieber Roast


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