Ariana Grande Debuts “One Last Time” Music Video [Watch]

Ariana Grande one last time

Apocalyptic Ariana Grande is here. No seriously, this video has the world coming to an end.

“One Last Time” is Ariana Grande’s latest single and the music video is catastrophic. Literally. Directed by Max Landis, most of the video is Ariana’s backside, which, depending on your feelings towards the 21-year-old might make the video even better.

This sci-fi themed video shows the world burning down and explosions all over. Asteroids, balls of fire, chaos, you name it and Ariana put it in there. Once her guy friend follows her all the way to a rooftop, they embrace each other until they are presumably consumed by the world.

It is nearing 2 million views and has only been online for 2 days. Pretty impressive.

Plus, that sky is pretty pink. Watch below.

“One Last Time” is her fourth single off the Grammy-nominated album My Everything.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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