Weatherman Jim Cantore Really, Really Loves Thundersnow [Video]

Jim Cantore really, really loves thundersnow.

While most of the Northeast was waiting out the snowstorm in their houses this weekend, the Weather Channel meteorologists was basking in its glory. Cantore even saw some thundersnow and, well, he was really excited about it.

The meteorologist instantly transformed into a little kid and was absolutely amazed by the phenomena. And then the thundersnow struck happened again.

Cantore said: We got it. Yes. Listen to that. Oh baby. Number five. That’s number five. Yes. yes!”

Jim Cantore totally geeked out after hitting the “thundersnow jackpot” this weekend. The Weather Channel even made a compilation of his best reactions.

The Weather Channel meteorologist took to Twitter after the storm to say that it was a “Great day at the office.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time that Jim Cantore has freaked out about thundersnow. Here’s another video of the meteorologist from a few years ago.

You’ve got to love Cantore’s thundersnow reaction. I mean, when was the last time you were that excited about your job?

Dan Evon

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