5 Must-See Michael Keaton Films You Haven’t Seen Yet

An Oscar frontrunner for Best Actor for his performance in this year’s delicious black comedy Birdman, Michael Keaton was never your ordinary movie star.

His star shone the brightest during the ’80s and early ’90s after playing the lead roles for Batman and Beetlejuice. Despite appearing in numerous films since then, Keaton never reached the same heights that his previous box-office hits chanced him to do.

With Birdman, Keaton was able to return to the spotlight to showcase his acting chops that made him leading man material.

Keaton always had it in him, even in films that weren’t mainstream hits.

Riding in his current wave of success, here are awesome Micheal Keaton performances in films that you missed out.

Mr. Mom

Unlike most of the films involving John Hughes (who wrote this 1983 movie), Mr. Mom did not break bank in the box office. But Keaton manages to shine as a lovable househusband who plays opposite Terri Garr’s working mom. The role reversals might not be surprising in today’s generation, which is why this film may find a wider audience now than it did back then.

Clear History


With an ensemble cast that includes Bill Hader, John Hamm, Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson, and Danny McBride, among countless others, it’s easy to miss out Keaton from the list. But once quarry operator Joe Stumpo delves into delightful eccentricity in the way only Keaton can deliver, you will be able to see past the muttonchops and mustache.

Pacific Heights

Keaton is known for his comedic roles. But he perfectly plays against type as an angry tenant in this 1990 film alongside Matthew Modine and Melanie Griffith. The movie received lukewarm reviews but was listed by Bravo as one of its Top 100 Scariest Movie Moments list.

The Paper

Keaton walks the tightrope by playing comedy and drama right down the wire in this 1994 film. He plays a newspaper editor who balances hectic work and demanding personal life, while managing the biggest story of the day. The film also stars Marissa Tomei, Glenn Close, and Robert Duvall.

The film is also one of Keaton’s best rated films in this career. It has an aggregated rating review of 88% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Gung Ho

This 1986 Ron Howard film shows the distinction between American and Japanese work cultures. Keaton plays as a lovable former foreman who works at a motor plant that has been closed for months. He convinces the Japanese automobile company to reopen the plan. But the Japanese company takes advantage of the American workforce and applies their work practices in the plant, much to the chagrin of Keaton and the workers.

Bonus: The Other Guys

This hilarious 2010 film that stars Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlburg is made even more hilarious by Keaton, who plays the captain of a police department who makes ends meet by moonlighting at Bed Bath & Way Beyond. Best of all, he unscrupulously drops TLC references when talking to Ferrell and Wahlburg.

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