This Hozier “Take Me To Church” Ballet Routine Is Breathtaking [Watch]

Instead of just enjoying Hozier’s infectious hit “Take Me To Church” for being beautifully sung and writtin, you will be thinking of this tattooed ballet dancer Sergei Polunin and this choreographed number.

“Take Me To Church” gets a new and astonishing breath of fresh air with Sergei’s performance. Talk about a phenomenal athlete. Sergei Polunin is known as the ‘bad boy’ of ballet. Only a 25-year-old Ukrainian dancer and a former member of the British Royal Ballet, Sergei will make you reconsider not going to the ballet.

segei bad boy

Directed by photographer David LaChapelle, this routine is damn near close to perfection. If not the definition of perfection.

sergei per

Look at this athleticism:


sergei 1

sergei 2

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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