Amazing Video Shows Plane Almost Colliding With Skydivers [Video]

Video of Skydivers

Two skydivers are lucky to be alive after a brush with death. This amazing footage shows a tandem skydive in progress. Everything is going fine, until disaster strikes.

It is a normal jump for skydiving instructor, Forest Pullman and his passenger. The diver gives the thumbs up as they descend out of the plane. Then from out of nowhere, you can hear the sound of approaching propellers as a plane comes straight for the divers. The plane’s propellers and body narrowly misses them, but their parachute does hook onto the wing of the plane. Fortunately, it comes loose. The duo stays incredibly calm for going through such a terrifying situation. When they make it onto the ground, they high five and hug (and thank God they are still alive.) Pullman comments in the video that he is thankful to be alive and to live another day.

The footage is from this past October, but was just uploaded to YouTube by Forest Pullman over the weekend. The video has since gone viral with more than 1.5 million views.

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