The Polka And Death Metal Remix To Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” Is Hilarious

taylor swift shake it off video

Not sure what is the funnier part of this video, the obvious death metal/polka sound twist, or the strangely intimate gathering before her as she sings a pop anthem? Or is it the middle aged man going “hmmmm” throughout the video.

YouTube user, Andy Rehfeldt, did us all a favor by creating this Taylor Swift remix we didn’t know we needed but now cannot live without.

Posted only 6 days ago, the polka/death metal “Shake It Off” is gaining speed quick.

Andy Rehfeldt’s YouTube channel is filled with various videos being recreated with a different instrumental version like Radio Disney, Metal, and Jazz Funk. Rehfeldt has been at this magic for over 3 years now. His Chris Brown “Look At Me Now” polka remix has half a million views on it.


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