Ellen DeGeneres And Jimmy Fallon Are A Perfect Match For Each Other, From Game Shows To Television Hosts

Fallon and Ellen

Well it certainly took long enough for Ellen DeGeneres to make her way over to The Tonight Show and make one great show even better. Ellen paired up with Jimmy Fallon to play a game of “Passwords” narrated by Steve Higgins. Who did they play against? Another fierce Oscar nominated duo: Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon.

The two funny talk show hosts paired up for the game “Passwords.” Where one has to make the other guess a hidden word. Carell and Witherspoon proved to be a great match as well. It is hilarious to watch. All DeGeneres had to say was “call,” and Fallon guessed the answer: “booty” with no trouble at all. Watch below.

No worries, Ellen DeGeneres had plenty of time to dance and give things away for free like usual on The Tonight Show. Before Ellen stepped up to play a game, Fallon and her sat down and exchanged mutual love for one another

“I love the things you do on your show!” said Fallon.

“You do similar things, that’s why I like your show so much maybe.”

Of course, she scared Fallon when he was the guest on The Ellen Show. Watch below.

It wouldn’t be a true Ellen appearance if she didn’t give away something for free right? Well, it would, but Ellen hit the nail on the head explaining how people expect her to give away free stuff all the time.

“People expect it from me wherever I go,” said DeGeneres, who then pulled out a large pink purse inside had a $100 Visa gift card for everybody!

She is perfection.


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