Alex Trebek Reads ‘Girls Girls Girls’ Lyrics On ‘Jeopardy’ [Video]

The lyrics to “Girls Girls Girls” are not meant to be spoken. They are meant to be screamed by rowdy crowds or sang by 80s hair bands. But last night on Jeopardy host Alex Trebek recited the lyrics in a very creepy, monotone, and hilarious way.

The question (or answer) came from the hard rock category. Time reports that all of the answers (questions?) were song lyrics and the contestants had to name which band wrote them.

Trebek said: “Girls girls girls. Long legs and burgundy lips. Girls girls girls. Dancing down the sunset strip. Girls girls girls.”

Amazingly, one of the contestants was able to fight back the urge to laugh and answered (asked?) “who is Motley Crue.”

To make this story even stranger, the video was uploaded by a YouTube user known as “poop” and was simply titled “haha.”

Ultimate Classic Rock points out that the audience was divided on Trebek’s performance of “Girls Girls Girls.” Some thought that it was a little creepy to hear Trebek speaking Motley Crue lyrics…

While others were pretty sure that Trebek this was just one of many spoken word renditions of classic rock songs that the Jeopardy host has been working on.

Dan Evon

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