Could This Be The Next Crazy Oreo Flavor? [Video]


Recently, America’s favorite cookie, the Oreo, has undergone many flavor transformations. Some were normal, such as the golden Oreo, a vanilla sandwich cookie. Others were definitely unconventional. Remember Pumpkin Spice Oreos or what about the watermelon flavor? While some of these unusual flavored cookies could be gag-inducing, the latest Oreo rumor might have your mouth watering.

Smores Oreos

A photo has leaked of Nabisco S’Mores Oreos. While it is still just a rumor, Consumerist says it is probable that this will be the newest flavor to hit the market. The website also mentions that Red Velvet Oreos were leaked online in the same way and were recently announced. Those cookies will hit store shelves on Valentines Day.

S’Mores Oreos don’t look that bad. They feature a two layers of creme, one chocolate flavored and one marshmallow flavored, sandwiched between two graham cracker flavored cookies.

It is unclear when and if the new flavor will hit the market, although the images seem more realistic than the hoaxed flavors in the past.

Fake  Oreos

For example, back in July, Fried Chicken Oreos had social media going crazy. Of course, it was a hoax and Nabisco denied any project remotely connected to poultry.

This cookie flavor seems reminiscent of a past Nabisco endeavor, the Suddenly S’More cookie, which was more than a cookie, it was an experience.

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