Horrific Plane Crash Caught on Dash Cam [Video]

plane crash

A terrible moment was captured by a Taiwanese driver’s dash cam. The video shows the dramatic moment TransAsia flight GE235, a turboprop ATR-72, crashes into a river. The accident happened near the Taiwanese capital of Taipei on Tuesday.

The video shows the large aircraft making a sharp roll to the left before slamming into the water. According to TransAsia Airways, the plane was carrying 58 people, 52 of those passengers. It is believed that at least 13 people were killed in the crash. It is believed that the majority of the passengers on the plane were Chinese tourists.

Rescue workers quickly rushed to the scene to help those who survived the horrific incident. Sources say some rescues took at least three hours for some. Journalist, Tim Culpan, was on scene and tweeted a picture of the rescue efforts.

The BBC is reporting that rescue efforts are still underway. Wu Jun-Hong, assistant director of Taipei’s fire department, told reporters, “We’re asking the public works department for heavy cranes to be deployed, in the hopes that the body of the plane can be lifted up. At the moment, we think a lot of the trapped people are in the head of the plane.”

There is also a photo that alleges that the wing of the plane did make contact with land on its way down.

This accident happens just 6 months after a TransAsia ATR-72 turboprop plane crashed in Taiwan. 48 people were killed when the plane crashed trying to get through typhoon weather conditions.

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