Is A Female Ghostbusters Cast A Bad Idea, Twitter Reacts

Female Ghostbusters

The third installation of the Ghostbusters film franchise has finally been confirmed and it is causing a lot of buzz. The original film was a cult classic, while the second film was considered a flop. So, what can we expect from the third? Diehard fans are split. An all-female cast has been announced, causing an greater divide between hype and dread. Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, and Melissa McCarthy have all been tasked with playing the new Ghostbusters crew. Melissa McCarthy has already signed her deal, but the others are still in talks. Inside sources say the others are pretty much a sure thing though.

Even the original Ghostbusters cast had opinions about it. Forever Geek reports Dan Aykroyd is all for the cast, while Bill Murray suggested a female cast of his very own.

Critics are suggesting that the decision for a female cast has nothing to do empowering women, but everything to do with selling tickets. The writer of the Forever Geek article presents a different opinion:

“Peter, Raymond, Egon, and Winston are forever embedded in our minds as they were when we were kids (at least for those of us who were kids back then). There is a certain image of each individual, as well as the entire group. There are certain expectations. Another movie, following a sequel that wasn’t exactly a favorite, probably wouldn’t live up to those expectations.”

It makes sense to tell a completely different story. Trying to revamp the old one would only cause more problems. Of course, just like all controversies, Twitter was abuzz with reactions of the new cast twist. Some were all for it, some made jokes and others were completely against the idea.

What do you think about the new cast?

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