Pinterest Announces Commercial Accounts, Widgets For Businesses

Pinterest Introduces Business Accounts, Widgets

Pinterest announced on Wednesday that it will be separating business pages from individual profiles and verify business accounts, allowing them to display more prominently in search results.

Commercial accounts were originally banned from the site, though the rule was generally disregarded. Product manager Cat Lee wrote on the company’s blog post announcing the new commercial accounts and updated user terms:

“Thousands of businesses have become part of our community, giving great ideas, content and inspiration to people on Pinterest … We want to help more businesses provide great content on Pinterest and make it east to pin from their websites.”

Along with updating their user agreements to include commercial accounts, the upstart social network also provided businesses with a set of best practices and case studies to help businesses get the best out of the new features.

The case studies focus on the success of businesses like Jetsetter, Allrecipes, Etsy, Organized Interiors, and Petplan Insurance, which have taken advantage of the website’s strong boards of cooking, pets, and crafts.

The case studies showed that Allrecipes saw a nine-fold increase in clicks in its Pinterest content after it added a “Pin It” button to its website. It had 50,000 recipes pinned in three months.

Pinterest also debuted a brand new widget that businesses can use on their websites. Along with the existing Pin It button and follow buttons, the upstart network also offers a profile widget that will display the user’s most recent pins, as well as a board widget that highlights pins on a specific board.

Businesses that already have a Pinterest account can convert to the business set-up easily.

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  1. Interesting Pinterest article. Have you heard of the 'social selling' trend?

    I found this site and love to sell on it – it's sort of like an 'Ebay/Etsy of Pinterest'. It's called SellPin. – no listing fees and your item stays up/pinned on Pinterest until it sells.