Check Out The Simpsons In Pixel Art [Video]

The Simpsons

The Simpsons TV series is considered a pop culture icon, so it is no surprise it is the inspiration behind this interesting project. Recently, pixel art and old school gaming have become pretty popular. Everyone can name at least one old school gaming version of something. Not even, PBS’ hit series, Downtown Abbey. That is a whole other story… Watch this trippy pixelated version of The Simpsons intro. It seems familiar, but then things get a little weird.

This interesting video was directed and animated by Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon. The music was created by Jeremy Dower. Uploaded to YouTube, the clip had more than 300,000 views in one day.

The video takes a trippy turn after the couch finale of the familiar intro. During the psychedelic montage, true Simpsons fans can point out the many tributes to favorite scenes and characters of the series. For those that want to play along, some of the references include Homer in a mumu from the episode King Size homer, “I wash myself with a rag on a stick” bart from King Size homer, Mr. Sparkle, Grimey at the power plant, a kid is wearing an Oculus Rift in band class and Poochie.

This video sort of resembles the intros to the various old school Simpsons video games that were created in the early 90’s, like the Nintendo classic, Bart vs. The Space Mutants.

Some viewers of the video are complaining that the project is not true 8-bit. While it may not be, a real Simpsons fan can appreciate the clip.

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