Beauty Pageant Runner-Up Doesn’t Act Pretty During Crowning [Video]

Miss Amazonas

The 2015 Miss Amazonas pageant didn’t end the way most beauty contests end. The competition is supposed to be about beauty, grace and poise, but at the crowning finale, there was the complete opposite.

During the crowning announcement, Carolina Toledo and Sheislan Hayall graciously held hands awaiting the crown. That is, until Toledo is announced as the winner. Hayall does not take the news well. See for yourself.

When Toledo is being crowned, Hayall rips her crown and sash away. She proceeds to blow kisses to the crowd, while shouting something to Toledo. Other contestants look shocked as she storms off stage. Sources say Hayall did not agree with the contest’s results and believes there was some type of fraud. Really, ya think?

After the contest, Hayall was confronted about her actions. She said the attack had nothing to do with her jealousy of the winner, but rather justice. She believes that Toledo bought her way to the top. She says she acted that way all in the name of justice. Hayall is quoted as saying, “What I did was not on impulse, [it] was to show Manaus, Brazil and the world, that money cannot buy everything. I didn’t do it for me but for other candidates … She didn’t deserve the title.”

Unfortunately, the rest of the contestants and the judges didn’t agree with Hayall. Toledo gets to keep her crown, bought or not. She will go on to represent her state in the national Miss Brazil Pageant.

It is also been announced that Brazil will not be sending a contestant to the Miss Universe pageant next year. It is unclear if this incident is connected in anyway.

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