Ted 2 Official Trailer Is Here, He Put A Ring On It [Watch]

ted 2

The wait is over… well the wait for the official Ted 2 trailer to be released. Ted 2 will officially hit movie theaters June 26.

ted 2
ted 2

Universal Pictures uploaded the Ted 2 trailer to YouTube Thursday morning and people are already freaking out. The Universal Picture Facebook page posted the video just over an hour ago, and it has gotten over 200,000 likes and over 170,000 shares in that short amount of time.

Clearly, we all missed that swearing teddy bear. And that teddy bear wants to become a Papa Bear.

There are some well-known costars popping up in the film like Amanda Seyfried, Morgan Freeman, Dennis Haysbert, Jessica Barth and Liam Neeson. Written and directed by Seth MacFarlane, this is the sequel to the highest grossing R-rated film of all time. Watch the Ted 2 trailer below.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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