Justin Bieber Teases New Songs On Instagram, Personal Lyrics Towards Selena Gomez? [Listen]

With each passing day, days where Justin Bieber isn’t promoting a tour or egging a house, is another day closer to a potential release of a new album.

Beliebers probably freaked out yesterday when Justin Bieber uploaded not one, but TWO Instagram videos of new songs. It is easy to assume they are about Selena Gomez, since their relationship has been on and off for what seems like forever. Now that Selena has been seen out with, possibly dating, Zedd, it seems ironic these songs have been posted.

Bieber seems to be getting very personal on these tracks.

“How do our lies become lighter?
How do our eyes become brighter?
You gotta believe in something higher?”


And the second song has that same emotional tone, the same feelings as the first. Again, calling out Selena Gomez and their failed relationship? Who knows. But Justin Bieber did visit The Ellen Show where he was obviously nervous. When that interview airs, maybe it will shed some light on the obvious changes Bieber is changing.

“When it’s raining, it’s pouring
How do I always end up the enemy?
How do I wake up in the morning and you’re not right next to me?
How did we throw it all away?”


It seems as if Justin is going back to what he got famous for. Staying true to the vocals and less antics. Especially with the surprice acoustic shows and letting himself get blasted on a Comedy Central Roast, basically owning up to his idiot choices these past few years.

A release date for a new album has not been mentioned, but with these teasers, it seems he is headed down a different path.

[Photo credit: MTV]


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