Denmark Non-Voters Feel The Wrath Of Voteman [Video]


Decided not to vote? Better watch your back! It seems as if the country of Denmark takes voting very seriously or light-hearted, considering on how you look at it. Meet Voteman, one of the country’s voting ploys, the superhero of Danish politics.

Voteman dedicates his life to making sure Denmark’s citizens cast their vote for the Danish parliament. He pays visits to those that don’t vote and delivers a beat down, a very unique punishment for not voting.

The video is a very unusual political advertisement. Most ads don’t feature burly, shirtless men interrupting sexual acts and riding on dolphins. The bizarre video was uploaded to YouTube in May of last year, but is just now making its appearance on reddit.

Many are commenting on they had no idea this was a political ad without the video description. One user compares it to a strange animated show. He writes, “If the caption didn’t tell me that it was an actual ad, I would have believed this was from the episode of Rick and Morty titled “Rixty Minutes” in which Rick invents a cable box that allows them to watch TV programs from the infinite parallel universes.”

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