Global Warming? Climate Change Deniers Come Out For #Snowmaggeddon

How can we be in the middle of #Snowmaggeddon2015 if global warming is real?

In addition to sharing photos of the storm, people on Twitter have been using hashtags like #Snowmaggeddon2015 and #blizzardof2015 to debate the effects (or lack thereof) of climate change and global warming.


The comments made by these climate change deniers aren’t really new or shocking. I mean, it wasn’t until last week that the majority of US Senators actually agreed that climate change existed. The biggest confusion seems to be the difference between weather, like the blizzard in the northeast, and climate, the weather conditions over a long period of time. Here’s a video from The Cosmos.

Neil deGrasse Tyson said: “Climate is the long-term average of the weather over a number of years. It’s shaped by global forces that alter the energy balance in the atmosphere, such as changes in the sun, tilt of the Earth’s axis, the amount of sunlight the Earth reflects back to space and the concentration of greenhouse gases in the air. A change in any of them affects the climate in ways that are broadly predictable.”

#snowmaggedon2015 doesn’t prove that global warming is a hoax. Of course, it doesn’t prove that it’s real either.  Dr. Kevin Trenberth, former head of the Climate Analysis Section at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, told Think Progress that the number one cause for this week’s blizzard is that it’s winter.

Trenberth said: “The number 1 cause of this is that it is winter. In winter it is cold over the continent. But it is warm over the oceans and the contrast between the cold continent and the warm Gulf Stream and surrounding waters is increasing. At present sea surface temperatures are more the 2F above normal over huge expanses (1000 miles) off the east coast and water vapor in the atmosphere is about 10% higher as a result. About half of this can be attributed to climate change.”

Dan Evon

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