Penn And Teller Explain Why Immunizations Are Important [Video]

Penn and Teller

Famous comedy and magic duo, Penn and Teller are taking on the debate of childhood vaccinations. With many, most notably, Jenny McCarthy, arguing the link of autism with vaccinations, the debate has raged on. Although, scientific evidence can discredit vaccination naysayers, many still choose not to vaccinate their children from deadly diseases.

Penn and Teller explain the importance of vaccines in a way only they could. It illustrates the risk a parent takes when they don’t keep their child’s shots up to date.[Disclaimer: The video contains strong language]

Some have argued that Penn and Teller’s argument is bit offensive to those who have a child that suffers from autism. The duo describes deadly epidemics, such as measles and mumps, being worse than suffering from autism.

The video was posted to YouTube and has since gone viral.

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