Twitter Rolling Out New Share Feature Popular In The 90’s

Twitter has long had the retweet function which allows you to share tweets with followers, but as far as sharing tweets outside of the platform, you’d have to click “Details” and copy the URL.

Now, it’s rolling out a new function that will allow users on the web interface to share tweets via email. Rolling out over the next few weeks, how it’ll work is very simple:

If you post a tweet or find one that you want to share, simply scroll over top of it and you should see a link that says “More”. Once you click that, a blue “Email Tweet” button will appear and after clicking that, a window will pop-up.

There, you can enter the email address of a friend, family member, even co-worker, or enter several if you’d like. Twitter allows you to customize the body of the email that people will receive and once you’re finished, click the blue “Send email” button and you’re good to go.

The hope is that users will find this as an easier way to share tweets with others and if you are someone who typically uses email to share interesting or helpful content with others, this new feature will save you some time and a few steps.

Even though “email this” may not be used as much as it used to, it is a nice addition for Twitter users. We just recommend you refrain from sharing too much before you get added to the spam folder.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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