Red Velvet Oreos Are Really, Really Real

Do you remember that hoax last year about Red Velvet Oreos? Well, the fake images stirred up so much interest that Nabisco actually decided to make them.

The cookie company sent out a teaser last night…

… and today, well, they officially announced that Red Velvet Oreos will be available for Valentine’s Day this year.

If you can’t wait until Valentine’s Day, you can win an early taste of Red Velvet Oreos by entering a contest.

The company writes:

Usually there are two sides to a velvet rope: the fun side and the sorry-you-can’t-play-with-us side. But we’re all about having fun everywhere, with everyone. So, we’ve decided to pull back the rope on our latest limited edition flavor— Red Velvet— and give everyone a chance to taste the newest (and reddest) OREO cookies before they even hit shelves.

Want a chance to be the first to taste? Enter here for a chance to win a free package! Over the next three days, we’ll randomly select 20,250 people to be the first to taste these red velvet beauties. Yup, our VIP section fits 20,250. Pretty sweet, right?

Oreo has released several limited-edition flavors over the years. The cookies have recently been available in both Pumpkin Spice and Watermelon flavors.

Dan Evon

Dan Evon was born, raised, and currently lives in Chicago. He is the Editor-In-Chief at Social News Daily. Over the last six years Evon has helped build several web platforms to millions of monthly readers. Dan is an expert is social media platform building and a freelance content consultant specializing in trending, evergreen and news content.


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